NightWalking and

Spacious Mind Institute


Intro to NightWalking & Peripheral Vision

Learn the basics of NightWalking and peripheral vision by taking this class.

In this recorded online class from March 2021, NightWalking instructor Katie Raver takes participants through the basic exercises for accessing Peripheral Vision, which can be used to walk at night without artificial light, lessen anxiety, and go into a flow state.

The High Points

  • Learn the basics of NightWalking
  • 4 processes for using your peripheral vision - try them yourself and share with others
  • Be guided on a short, guided experience of a NightWalk (in the privacy of your own mind!)
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A Conversation with Nelson Zink & Katie Raver

“Each stone, thrown with a steady hand, flew high out over the water and either sank with a splash or would ride the current until a quick nod sent it cutting to the bottom. The River’s surface split, then flashed another slice of the water knife.” ~ "The Structure of Delight" by N. Zink 

From May 2021, Nelson Zink (the author of "The Structure of Delight") and Katie Raver discuss NightWalking, Nelson’s latest findings, take questions from the live group, and more in this unedited 1-hour Zoom class. 

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