Katie Raver  

NLP Master Trainer, Attention Experiments Founder, & NightWalker 


Katie Raver has been the lead trainer teaching the 14-day NLP Practitioner Certification TrainingNLP Master Practitioner Certification Trainings, the Design Your Powerful Life weekend workshop, and 5-day NightWalking retreats since 2013.

For the decade before that, she worked for and trained with Tom and Bobbi Best of Best Resources and the Texas Institute of NLP. 

She has hosted thousands of hours of NLP meetups, study groups, belief summits, and trainings in places like Brazil, Austria, Serbia, England, Manhattan, Chicago, Taos, and all over Texas. Katie has studied Provocative Change Works with Nick Kemp, Clean Language with Penny Tompkins and James Lawley and Sharon Small, and the Wholeness Process with Connirae Andreas.

 Called “instigator of love” and “community builder” by her friends and colleagues, she brings a unique, warm-hearted, masterful approach to help class participants clear the way for their future and let go of what’s holding them back.